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All Mamboola kayaks have a 5mm hull made from LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) from Exxon Mobil and being roto-molded have no seams.

LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)

We are often asked what LLDPE is and why our kayaks are made from LLDPE rather than HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

Polyethylene (PE) is just a generic name for many types of plastic. HDPE is the densest and most commonly available variant and is widely used in applications from bottle caps, to plastic garden furniture. Although it could be argued that HDPE is stonger, it also has a lower impact strength than LLDPE (more brittle) meaning when it gets hit it is more likely to crack or break. This has been thoroughly tested using the standard test known as the 'Izod impact strength test' which shows that, in fact due to the lower stiffness value of LLDPE, instead of cracking, it simply changes shape, this is because it is slightly more malleable, while still retaining a very large percentage of the UV and chemical resistance of HDPE.

Basically, in plain English this means that should you drop your kayak or crash into rocks, instead of cracking and totally ruining your kayak all that could happen is the hull may dent slightly and this can often be pushed back using a little heat. Hopefully this has helped to explain why we, and most kayak manufacturers use LLDPE.